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Slack is our incredible 24/7 national online community for members to share ideas, network, find jobs and contractors, join virtual Peer Circles, celebrate wins, Ask & Give, and so much more.

How Slack works.

Slack is organized into topic-based channels such as #national-jobs, #salary-negotiation, #sxsw, #asks, and #detroit. We have roughly 100 channels covering almost everything you can think of. (More on channels below.)

Slack also allows private, direct messages to any other member(s), as well as calls / screenshares!

When you join TogetherDigital, you’ll automatically be invited to Slack via email.

Didn’t get your invite? First check spam, then make sure your email address is correct in your membership profile, and then email [email protected] to get that invite resent!

Questions? Check out our FAQs below.

Don’t forget to read our community guidelines and policies.

How to get started.

  1. Create your display name. We ask our members to use the same standard format – First Name (City). If you discover someone else in your city with the same name, feel free to add your last name.
    Mary (Orlando)
    Mary F. (Orlando)
    Mary (Orlando – Peer Circle Chair)
  2. Complete your public profile. Upload your photo and complete the additional information so other members can see who you are!
  3. Join your city channel. Click on “Channels” on the left tool bar and search your city name to find the channel dedicated to your city.
  4. Join your tribe’s channels! Scroll through or search to find channels you’re interested in (see below).

Auto-Join Channels

Every member is added to these channels automatically.


Find Your Niche

We have a ton of awesome channels for specific sub-groups such as social marketing, content-marketing, and women-of-color.
Find like-minded members by clicking on the word “Channels” in your Slack sidebar.

Create New Channels

Don’t see a channel for your niche? Post in the #general channel with your idea and we’ll create a poll.
If 20+ other members are interested, we’ll make a new channel and help encourage others to join!

Slack FAQs

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