Emily Ray • Hudson Rouge

Q: Why did you join Women in Digital?

A: Looking to network and explore further career opportunities.

Q: What’s your specialty? What makes you tick?

A: Social media and event management.

Q: What was your first job out of college?

A: Working for the University of Michigan Athletic Department.

Q: What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

A: Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay, keep your head down and keep going.

Q: What can you give your fellow members of Women in Digital?

A: I can give them my experience working as a female in a male-dominated automotive industry and a friend to meet for drinks in Detroit!

Q: What will be your first ask?

A: To meet and network with new women and expand my career opportunity horizons.

Q: What does digital mean to you?

A: Digital means anything happening in that space – advertising, commerce, connection, socialization.

Q: What do you think is the greatest challenge facing women today?

A: Having companies realize our full potential.

Q: What do you think we can do to overcome that challenge?

A: Continue to work hard, innovate, and work together to ensure we move forward in the industry.

Q: Why do you love digital?

A: The possibilities are truly endless in digital with the technology that continues to evolve.

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