Devin McNalley • Amnet Group US

Q: Why did you join Women in Digital?

A: I fell in love with the mission and values instantly and realized how big of a need my city had for an organization like this.

Q: What’s your specialty? What makes you tick?

A: I am a fearless network-er and love technology so connecting things together to build brand stories was a clear fit.  The media industry today brings both people and tech together, my love for both and ability to speak both nerd and human has been a big asset for me.

Q: What was your first job out of college?

A: Broadcast radio sales, 98.7 AMP radio in Detroit.

Q: What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

A: Never compromise your values for a position or a paycheck. 

Q: What can you give your fellow members of Women in Digital?

A: I love helping the women in my chapter shed perspective on their current career situations and goals.  I love being a mentor to others and helping individuals outline clear, attainable goals and an effective strategy to achieve them.

Q: What will be your first ask?

A: Is someone willing to be my mentor for the next phase of my career? I am looking to grow my knowledge on motivating others, working in large groups from a consultant perspective and next steps in terms of building a personal brand around my values.

Q: What does digital mean to you?

A: Digital is your two way mirror into the world and others around you.

Q: What do you think is the greatest challenge facing women today?

A: Perpetuated stereotypes that women need to compete with other women for singular or less spots at the top. This allows men to have a clear path to success because women compete and tear each other down out of fear and insecurity.

Q: What do you think we can do to overcome that challenge?

A: Be fearless in the message that we are stronger together.  Lead by example, honesty and transparency can be the hardest values to consistently showcase but can drive the greatest long term changes. Help someone no matter the negativity they might bring to the table at first.

Q: Why do you love digital?

A: Digital allows everyone a seat at the table and forces conversation across multi-dimensional topics.  This avenue, although divisive at times, has the greatest potential to push equality and transparency.

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