Why Women in Digital?

By Alaina Shearer
Founder, Women in Digital

If building my digital ad agency, Cement Marketing, was my first professional calling, I have found my second – inspiring, connecting and learning from other women in digital media and marketing.

Last April after the success of our first Cement Digital Mixer, I couldn’t shake another idea to host one specifically for women. Why though? Was this a crazy notion? We are treated relatively fairly in most workplaces, sure. We are ascending in our careers, albeit not as quickly as men, but at a pretty fast clip. We love what we do and are overall fairly satisfied in our positions. So why then?

Because there is something I have experienced personally and still see every day. Men continue to dominate leadership positions within our industry and on the client side within organizations. Okay, fine, we all know this. Clearly men have hundreds of years ahead of us on that one. But there are other persistent issues including, sexual harassment in the workplace, unequal pay, unpaid family leave, barrier to promotion for young mothers or soon to be mothers, silencing in the board room or the rampant mansplaining interuptus syndrome. One of my personal pet peeves.


There so much left to do.

Another thing that’s always gotten my goat. Men use each other to network. They’ve been doing it forever. Blatantly they call on each other for favors. Why? Because this is okay, favors are awesome. For women though, it is perceived as a sign of weakness. Not by others, mind you, but by ourselves and each other. For women, we are often too busy competing with each other instead of building each other up. And at the end of the day, women have a harder time asking for help. 

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