Announcing: The Women in Digital Podcast

The moment you have been waiting for: our podcast is finally live! Whether you are waiting in line at the airport or busy being a bad ass digital expert you need to be listening to Slings and Arrows: A Women in Digital podcast.

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About Slings and Arrows:

Equal parts education, inspiration, and controversy, Slings and Arrows delivers the latest insights for the Woman in Digital. There is never a dull moment when listening to the raw conversations between our hosts, Alaina and Kelsea.

Who are Alaina and Kelsea?

Women in Digital founder, Alaina Shearer has conquered the journalism and digital space. Imparting her knowledge and experiences is as important as running her successful Columbus, OH ad agency, Cement Marketing. Social media mastermind and lifestyle blogger, Kelsea Wiggins is at the forefront of a fast-paced, exciting career in the digital world.

The pair discusses everything from heated conversation within Women in Digital’s closed Facebook Groups, coming events, sexism, racism, and implicit bias, to SEO, social media, graphic design and analytics. No stone is left unturned as the two conquer every trend emerging in the industry.

Why Slings and Arrows?

Most exciting of all, Alaina and Kelsea bring in successful women in the industry, pour them a glass of wine, and ask them everything you’d ask them. You will hear from Silicon Valley executives, entrepreneurs, social media mavens, and digital badasses.

So what is this podcast?

The list of things covered in this podcast is never ending. Guest include former head of creative at Facebook, Debra Bednar, the two women responsible for Wendy’s Twitter troll domination, Amy Brown and Meredith Ulmer. These two share what it is like to go viral, how they did it and how they’re handling the critics. Coming up on Slings and Arrows we have Tanisha Robinson, founder of Print Syndicate, talks about her decision to step down as CEO of her company, being an ultra minority and why Print Syndicate is as successful as it is.


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