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Are you our next guest?

Episode 13:
Motherhood & Balance

Working motherhood is the reality for more than 75% of all mothers in the U.S. But despite the numbers, many of us still struggle to make it work -- so to speak. In this interview, Marti Post reminds us that we’re not alone in those struggles. It’s harder than ever to be a working mom and we need and deserve more help.

Marti Post
Founder, a’parently

Episode 12:
Shatter Gender Bias

Founder of Shatter, Sarah Woods, talks about shattering gender bias and the wealth and leadership gap in the workplace.

Sarah Woods
Founder, Shatter

Episode 11:
Facebook Ads

It takes a lot to run a Facebook campaign from start to finish, but whether you’re starting from scratch as a beginner or want expert insight into how to plan an execute an effective paid social campaign, you’ll find it in this interview with author and consultant Melina Moreno.

Melina Moreno
Founder, Social Ads Made Simple

Episode 10:
Change Enthusiasm™

Big changes can be a major trigger for anxiety and stress. In this She Rocks interview with Cassandra Worthy, we dig into how we can lean into change instead of running away and cultivate what she calls Change Enthusiasm.

Cassandra Worthy
Founder, We are Change Enthusiasts LLC

Episode 9:
Data as Your BFF

How do you integrate data into your company or agency culture? How do you spearhead the change from within? And, we also dive into hard core strategic and then tactical applications to any data practitioners and budding data nerds.

Linda Schumacher
Sr. Director of Analytics & Data Strategy,
Qualified Digital

Episode 8:
Mobile & App UX

With three seconds to spare before your audience quits your app or mobile experience, every design element counts. Watch this interview with Kylie Whitman of DYNAMIT to discover current best practices, we'll also talk best apps and project timing and cost.

Kylie Whitman
Practice Group Director, DYNAMIT

Episode 7:
Harassment & Bro Culture

Combating bro culture or full blown harassment isn't easy. Should you cut and run or change from within? What are the pros and cons in each scenario? We dive into this and so much more in this private interview with HR pro, Rebecca Weaver.

Rebecca Weaver
Co-Founder, HRuprise

Episode 6:
Instagram for Your Brand

Conquer Instagram like a pro with this fascinating interview with Manu Muraro, Founder of Your Social Team. Her rock star tips on organic Instagram marketing will blow you away. Key takeaways galore and action items to transform your Instagram strategy tomorrow. ​

Manu Muraro
Founder, Your Social Team

Episode 5:
Voice Search

Alexa, you're definitely there and every search marketer should be hyper aware and baking voice search into their strategy. Hear from Sr. SEO Manager, Chloe Yeung of Hero Digital on what client and agency teams should be doing to ensure voice search is integrated into their search campaigns.

Chloe Yeung
Senior SEO Manager, Hero Digital

Episode 4:
The Pitch

If you're in marketing, you are in sales. From pitch to close, Liz Simpson guides us through mastering your sales potential within the pipeline and through the close. Don't miss this interview and walk away with actionable steps to improve your close rate. ​

Liz Simpson
Co-Founder, Stimulyst

Episode 3:
Your Style is Everything​​

Think style isn't important, or a burden for women? Think again. Prepare to be mind blown with style tips and incredible advice from expert stylist Nicole Busch of Nicole Blair Wear.

Nicole Busch
Founder, Nicole Blair Wear

Episode 2:
Website Design on WordPress​

During this interview we cover everything from project process, to budget and designing for conversions with WordPress expert Paige Battcher. She also fields questions on best plugins and WordPress security.

Paige Battcher
Founder, Kismet Ideas

Episode 1:
Instagram Checkout​

Ann-Marie Alcantara, an AdWeek Tech reporter gives us the skinny on the new Instagram check out feature. Spoiler: this is just the start of a major play by Facebook to steal some of Amazon's thunder.

Ann-Marie Alcantara
Tech Reporter, AdWeek

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