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Peer Circles

Confidential, ask-anything virtual or in-person peer circles solve your toughest professional obstacles.

All the power. All the advice.

Leave energized and enthusiastic with actionable, career-boosting tips.

Peer Circles

Peer Circle Topics

Virtual peer circles meet in the #peer-circles Slack channel. Watch for the call to start and hop on as an Asker, Giver, Observer, or all of the above. No RSVP needed.

Questions? Check out our FAQs first, and if you still don’t find what you’re looking for, email [email protected] or Slack HQ.

Confidence Boost
Feeling low, discouraged or needing to work on your inner strength? Take your imposter syndrome head-on in this Peer Circle with a confidence-building focus.

  • First Tuesdays at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)

If you’re in a leadership position or desire to be in one, join us with leadership-specific Asks. How do I motivate my team to meet their goals? How do I turn a trouble employee around? How do I find top talent and fast?

  • Fourth Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific)

Managing Up
How do you make it to the C Suite or how do you bring your career to the next level? Join us to talk about office politics, managing up and wrangling those boss people to grow your company and yourself.

  • Second Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern (10am Pacific)

Negotiations: Salary & Promotions
Advancement anyone? New job and a salary negotiation on the horizon? Join us to best position yourself for success. Been through it before and emerged victorious? Please come to Give.

  • First Thursdays at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)
  • Third Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific)
  • Fourth Thursdays at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific)

One-Woman Show
Are you an small agency owner or freelancer? We’ll address everything from proposals and pitches to rates and family balance. The struggle is real, but you don’t have to go it alone.

  • First Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific)
  • Third Thursdays at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)

Open (All Topics)
Any and all topics are welcome. Whatever you’re facing, bring it to the group and we’ll see if we can solve it with you.

  • Second Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific)
  • Fourth Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern (10am Pacific)
  • Fourth Saturdays at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific)

Social, Social, Social
What’s up Facebook. I see you. I hear you. I’ve conquered you. And yeah, Instagram’s in the bag. This circle will bring social marketers at all stages with questions specific to their social magic (or lack thereof).

  • Third Tuesdays at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific)

Traffic Builder
From social to search, organic and paid, this circle is dedicated to traffic building strategies and tactics. Bring your knowledge and drop it like it’s hot or learn from others and bring your questions at any stage.

  • Second Thursdays at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific)

Real Results

A virtual peer circle lead to a realignment and significant pivot in my career. It took me almost a year to get here. I couldn't have made it intact without my TogetherDigital community.

- Sue L (NYC)

Virtual Peer Circle FAQs

Who should join a Virtual Peer Circle?

Any member wanting to participate! Don't be shy - just hop on in the #peer-circles Slack at the appointed time.

What are Askers, Givers, and Observers?

Askers have a specific Ask (question) they'd like to pose to the group.

Givers have experience in the topic or want to help provide solutions to Askers.

Observers just want to see how a Virtual Peer Circle goes. But they can jump in and participate at any time.

What is the format of a Virtual Peer Circle?

It's just like an Asks & Gives session at your local meetup.

In a nutshell:

  1. Intros & Asks
  2. Select an Ask
  3. Questions for the Asker to learn more about the specific situation.
  4. Advice
  5. Next steps Asker will take
  6. Repeat!
Can I get these as a calendar link?

Absolutely - but this is only for members! Check on Slack or in your Member Exclusive email(s) for the Virtual Content Calendar in either Google Cal or iCal format.

Or, reach out to HQ on Slack or at inf[email protected]

In-Person Peer Circles​

If your city has an established chapter, you’ll be matched to an IRL Peer Circle by your chapter board. 

Your circle of 8-12 members meets once per month to confidentially solve your most challenging professional obstacles.


What does a peer circle require?

  • TogetherDigital membership (Join today!)
  • 2 hours, once per month
  • A commitment to grow
  • An open mind to peer advice and counsel

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