You Are Our Purpose

You finding your power. That’s it. That’s why we’re here. When we leave competition at the door and lift each other up, the tables aren’t just turned – they’re flipped.

More Power To You

Created by our Founder, Alaina Shearer, in 2016, TogetherDigital is an association dedicated to accelerating the advancement and growth of women in digital fields by giving women the most powerful tool in their arsenal: one another.

Built by us, for us.

Today, TogetherDigital, formerly Women in Digital, is nearly 2K members strong. Funded by our founding and original members, our organization is truly made by us and for us.

Our events have attracted over 40,000 women and our power network grows by the day. Most of our members are referred by each other.

Here are just a few of our member wins:

  • $60K raise after discovering her value
  • $30K annual salary bump with a job switch
  • Internal promotion she never knew she could win
  • Fully paid maternity leave for herself and her entire team
  • And, three new contracts in one week after an Ask on Slack

real Results

A new full-time role and 2X annual salary in 3 years! Thanks to the countless women who have listened to my story and helped me navigate this journey! THIS is what this community is all about. I cannot stress enough, you get out what you put in and I am living proof! #forevergrateful

- Kelsey (Cincinnati)

Clear and immediate ROI on membership.

The power of our network grows by the day as members trade their Asks & Gives, a pledge to trade their digital expertise and know-how, professional development insights and friendship.

After just a few months of membership, our members report they feel more confident and more equipped to elevate their career at a faster pace. We’re dedicated to this promise to our members and offer cancellation at any time if not satisfied. 

What's next? Chapter two.

Today, we’re focused on our connections with each other. But this is just the beginning.

TogetherDigital has big plans for 2019 and beyond. From ally memberships to elevated digital content and more special events, there is a lot of planning underway.

Have an idea? We’re all ears. Email us at [email protected]

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