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Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Clara
My first peer circle was AMAZING! So glad to be part of TogetherDigital. You deliver. I am in a lot of networking groups but rarely do I feel that I got an immediate concern resolved by a knowledgeable person. You guys did it for me and I just hope e.v.e.r.y. single woman gets these amazing opportunities. As women, we can go from zero to sixty with such support.
Clara Matonhodze Strode
Digital Marketer, Cincinnati
Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Lindsay Mcguire
There have been so many times in my life when I've felt alone in my work struggles. TogetherDigital has made me realize I'm not alone at all, and have an amazing band of women to lean on, learn from, and grow with. It's amazing to finally be part of a group that truly believes in give and take. You won't be disappointed.
Lindsay McGuire
Digital Content and SEO, Indianapolis
Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Kindra
TogetherDigital is an endless resource of women who are facing the same struggles and successes as I am. The community support I've received has boosted my confidence, allowed me to become a mentor in sharing with others and is truly my little secret weapon. I simultaneously want to keep it all to myself and shout about it from the rooftops. The women are fantastic, the dialog is helpful in my every day and the support given is worth its weight in gold.
Kindra Svendsen
Director of Digital Marketing Services, Nashville
Together Digitital - Home - Testimonials - Patty Rankin
Best YES that I made in 2018! Powerhouse women. Power Exchange and Connection. THIS is exactly what aligns with my being, career, business, and leadership development. I’ve never had so much revenue producing collaboration in my business since joining TogetherDigital, I am so glad I joined. The value factor is off the charts and my community with my digital sisters is dynamic.
Patty Rankin
Social Media Maven & Style Coach, San Antonio

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online community

Trade know-how and tips with the strongest, smartest women in digital on our private Slack account. Anything you need for work? For yourself? It’s all there when you connect to nearly 2K other members nationwide to trade Asks & Gives daily. We’re sending 10K DM’s on Slack / week. Crazy, right? This is a true community.

Monthly Meetups

At our monthly meet ups, experience dynamic speakers and our signature Ask & Give Exchange for life and career-changing advice on salary, career advancement, paid family leave.

Virtual peer circles

Join weekly virtual peer circles to trade advice and support. Topics range from salary negotiation to social marketing tips or new biz and sales generation. Our peer circles are the best hour you can spend toward amplifying your career.

Together Digital® - National Conference - Microphone Icon

special events

Members save $200 on our 2019 National Conference, unlike any other in the industry, our content and format centers around you and our powerful network. And you’ll also get first access to our events year round like SXSW. 


Members have access to two years of national conference content in our video library and new content from featured meetups or events. You’ll also be invited to exclusive interviews with rock star women featured in our SheRocks member exclusive interview series.

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Our members get all the love with our member welcome kit jam packed with TogetherDigital goodness including your pledge notebook. Don’t forget to sign! 

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Your membership is invaluable to your company. Why? Because of the major network you’ll be tapped into for day-to-day help with digital mastery. Use this letter to persuade your bossperson and then check out our group rates to bring your entire team along!

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