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12 Asks. 12 Gives. Per Member/Per Year

Pledged to One Another

Through our Ask & Give Pledge our members promise to trade 12 favors per year. For $40/month (the price of a manicure), Women in digital creative and related professions join together with one goal in mind – to change the game for each other.

Member Benefits

private online community

Connect to nearly 2K members nationwide to trade Asks & Gives. We’re sending 10K DM’s on Slack / week. Crazy, right? This is a true community. Slack FAQ page.

Virtual peer circles

Trade advice and support every week in a virtual peer circle. Topics range from salary negotiation to social marketing tips or new biz and sales generation. View our Peer Circle schedule.

events & Meetups

From our National Conference (members save $200) to our Annual SXSW event and monthly meet ups in select cities you’ll experience dynamic speakers and our signature Ask & Give Exchange. See events.

She Rocks Content

Every week you’ll be invited to a She Rocks interview. You ask, she answers. Watch all past episodes, too.  Meet our next guest and see past interviewsPlus, you’ll have access to all past national conference talks.

BONUS (member Welcome Kit)

Join to receive your Pledge Notebook and Member Kit.

Real Results

I love Together Digital because I am surrounded by women in my industry who hold me accountable to be my best. Thanks to my newfound confidence, I found a position nearly $10K above my last job. The connections you make here are unreal, but real.

- @VeeeBeee_ via Instagram




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No other group comes close to this kind of power

Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Clara
My first peer circle was AMAZING! I got an immediate concern resolved by a knowledgeable person. As women, we can go from zero to sixty with such support.
Clara Matonhodze Strode
Digital Marketer, Cincinnati
Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Lindsay Mcguire
TogetherDigital has made me realize I'm not alone at all, and have an amazing band of women to lean on, learn from, and grow with. It's amazing to finally be part of a group that truly believes in give and take.
Lindsay McGuire
Digital Content and SEO, Indianapolis
Together Digital® - Home - Testimonials - Kindra
Together Digital is truly my secret weapon. I simultaneously want to keep it all to myself and shout about it from the rooftops. The women are fantastic, the dialog is helpful in my every day and the support given is worth its weight in gold.
Kindra Svendsen
Director of Digital Marketing Services, Nashville
Together Digitital - Home - Testimonials - Patty Rankin
I’ve never had so much revenue producing collaboration in my business. The value factor is off the charts and my community with my digital sisters is dynamic.
Patty Rankin
Social Media Maven & Style Coach, San Antonio

Real Results

The willingness to give is unreal. Together Digital is a place I can be vulnerable and ask for help and offer another digital sister a hand up. I've gained so much perspective, knowledge and inspiration from this amazing community.

- Kindra, Nashville

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How do I update my email or membership information?

Your email address has to be updated by us, so simply email [email protected] with your current and new emails and we'll handle it for you!

To update your membership profile or payment information, log in to your membership profile to make those changes!

Can I change from a monthly to annual membership (or vice versa)?

You bet! Email [email protected] to update your membership.

Do you offer group member rates?

Yes, we do offer corporate / group membership rates! Check out our group membership page for more details.

Can my company pay for my membership? How do I persuade my boss?

Your membership is invaluable to your company. Why? Because of the major network you’ll be tapped into for day-to-day help with digital mastery. Use this letter to persuade your bossperson and then check out our group rates to bring your entire team along!

My company offered to pay for my membership. Can I switch my account to their card?

Woo hoo! Congratulations! - we're so glad to hear your company is investing in your professional development. Update your membership profile with your company's credit card and contact us at [email protected] if you need to transfer to a different membership type (ex: monthly to annual).

Can you send me a receipt for my membership payment so I can get reimbursed at work?

Certainly! Email [email protected] with the email your membership is under and we'll be happy to send you a receipt.

I'm a member in one city but I'm moving to another city. Can I switch chapter cities?

Of course you can! Update your membership profile and shoot us an email at [email protected] to ensure you're on the correct mailing list.

I never received my member kit.

Oh no! We’re so sorry – please ensure your address is correct in your membership profile and then email [email protected] to get it sorted. 🙂

Can I cancel my membership?

Awww, we’re so bummed to see you go! Email [email protected] with why you’re leaving us.

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I can't afford a membership but I REALLY want to be a part of TogetherDigital. Is there anything I can do?

We'd love to have you! Fill out this Scholarship Application and your local chapter will review.

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