Formerly known as Women in Digital.

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Connect our members through engaging and educational events. Enable them with confidence and tools to exchange their power. Become a critical component of women's success in your city.

More Power To You

Created by our Founder in 2016, Women in Digital is an association dedicated to accelerating the advancement and growth of women in digital creative fields by giving women the most powerful tool in their arsenal – one another.

You are not an impostor.

Many of our board members did not have previous board experience. In fact, most of us have never belonged to an organization like ours — that’s what we created Together Digital®!

How to Apply:

  1. View your city page to see which positions are open. Your ideal position filled? That’s okay — apply anyway! We’re always looking for talented women for subcommittees and one-off volunteer efforts.
  2. Review the Board Chair role descriptions and expectations in our City Guide, and watch the webinar above from our founder. Also check out our FAQs (see below).
  3. Fill out the Board Member Application. We’ll review and reach out within 7-10 business days (if not sooner). If you don’t hear back, email [email protected] to ensure your form submitted properly.

Board Positions FAQ

What kind of time commitment does a board position require?

Most Chair positions require at least 2 hours per week. You must also attend at least 75% each of board meetings and chapter meetups. Advisory Board Members have fewer time requirements but must bring other assets to the table.

For more information on each role, check out our City Guide.

What benefits and perks do board members enjoy?

You get all the glory. As your chapter grows, you will be an instrumental part of that growth. Your network will grow along with your experience in learning how to lead and found a local organization from the ground up. Also, you’ll feel all of the warm and fuzzies as you truly give back and help to bring change within our industry. And every board member receives 50% off of the National Conference.

For meeting quarterly goals and board promotions, you may be eligible for free swag, free National Conference tickets, or free memberships. But you gotta earn it and/or beat out all of the other chapters!

Board Member Application

    To sit on a board you must be a member of TogetherDigital for at least 90 days so you have a basic understanding of our culture and vision.
  • Which chapter board would you like to join?
  • How long have you been a woman in digital? Describe your relative experience within the digital creative, advertising, marketing, communications industry? What is your specialty and area of focus? For example: Are you a designer? A strategist? Or a copywriter? There are no wrong answers here. Just describe your relative experience in this industry.
  • Describe your previous volunteer experience (if any):
  • How many hours per month would you have to devote to TogetherDigital?
  • Have you ever served on a board before? How was that experience for you? Be honest!
  • What has attracted you to our organization?
  • Are you joining our group in order to solicit our members for sales and/or recruitment purposes?

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