I’m a Founding Member. Now What?

As you know by now, there’s a lot more to being a Woman in Digital than access to a pretty dope Facebook group and jaw-dropping quarterly meetings. This network is part of our power as women to completely take over the world.

Dramatic? Maybe.
Accurate? Totally.

As a founding member of Women in Digital, (which has pumped itself with some performance enhancing drugs and surprised the hell out of me with how big it’s gotten) you now have direct access to thought leaders in the digital space across the nation. Woah.

What do I mean by direct access? Allow me to demonstrate.


Create a Profile

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  • Create your username and password. (You can use your email address! Lucky you.)
  • Upload a profile photo and get your cover photo together. I have pretty strict rules on how these should look for LinkedIn but just listen to your heart on the Women in Digital site. The beauty of this community is the confidentiality. (We’ll talk about that later.)
  • Complete your profile with all of the information you’d like your fellow WID to know about you.  I’ve added my name, company, specialty and email address. This is particularly useful for the educational aspect of our group. Partnering up with other women who specialize in your line of digital work will help us continue to stay on top of our game. (Which the men have been doing for years.)


Browse Groups

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Now that you have a profile created, some images behind your name and your specialty lined up, let’s join some groups. This is a great way to find other Women in Digital members to add as friends. (You may be automatically added to a few groups.)

  • I’d suggest the Founding Member Group. While you’re in there, feel free to drop a message to tell everyone “hey.”
  • Browse Groups that relate to your specialty and maybe other specialties you’re interested in pursuing.
  • Once you join these groups and add friends, feel free to Create a Group of your own.



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Oooh la la forums. There are endless topics to cover, from WordPress Lovers and Working Moms to Email Marketing and Asks and Gives. Find the forum that best relates to what you want to discuss and let your voice be heard. This is where the confidentiality of this group comes into play. The members of our network who have access to this forum are only in it to uplift, educate and support you. No sales. No recruiters. No bullshit. So have no fear. Type your heart out. Let’s work through whatever you have to work through, together.



Add Your Membership to Your LinkedIn

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Let your Women in Digital flag fly, girl. As much as I hate to tear you from the amazing Women in Digital website, I want to give you a badge of honor to add to your coveted LinkedIn profile. Here’s what you do:

  • View your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to Volunteer Experience
    • if there is no Volunteer Experience, you may need to add that section. Hit me up in a forum and I’ll help you with that, too.
  • Click the little “+” sign and let’s get working!
  • Type “Women in Digital” into the organization field. Make sure you select Women in Digital – USA (?? )
  • From there you’ll be able to add your “title.” I have Founding Member and Advisory Board Member on my profile, currently.
  • Add the date you joined the group and check that little “I currently volunteer here” toggle to remove any end date.
  • Finally, make sure you update your network. I’m typically against this, because it can get annoying if abused, but this is definitely one of those things your entire network should know about.


Tell Your Friends


Grab you coworkers, your friends and every other digital woman you know and let’s make this network a force to be reckoned with.

You with me?

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