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grow the club

Our goal is to become 5,000 members strong...and we can't do it without you. That's why we're giving out amazing prizes to any member who refers their friends, peers, and coworkers.

Grow the club. Spark the fire.

95% of our members come via referral by members like you, and we feel you deserve something for sharing the awesomeness of TogetherDigital with other amazing women in your network.

Here’s how our referral program works:

1. Refer Your Digital Sisters
We keep track of your referral points when new members put your name into our referral field.

1 referral = 1 point, and points NEVER expire.

2. Cash in Referral Points
You’ll receive quarterly updates on your accumulated referral points. It’s up to you when to spend and when to save!

Ready to redeem? Email [email protected] for how!

3. Enjoy Your Prizes!
From free swag to a free NatCon ticket, we want all of our passionate, outspoken members to be rewarded! Enjoy your prizes and keep growing the club!

(1 referral)

Evolve Wristlet Pouches

When you redeem 1 referral point, we’ll send you 2 card / cash pouches. Share one with your new DFF!

(3 referrals)

Water Bottle

When you redeem 3 referral points, we’ll send you this water bottle to help you stay hydrated from all the referring you’ve been doing.

(5 referrals)

Duffle Bag

When you redeem 5 referral points, we’ll send you this Powerhouse duffle bag to flex your referral chops wherever you choose.

(8 referrals)

Together Digital® - City Page - Meet Up

FREE Quarter of Membership

When you redeem 8 referral points, your next 3 months of membership are on us! Or if you prefer, we can gift it to a woman of your choice.

(12 referrals)

FREE National Conference Ticket

When you redeem 12 referral points, you’ve punched your ticket to NatCon on us! Experience a life-changing line-up of speakers and professional growth in 3 amazing days.

(20 referrals)

FREE Annual Membership, FREE National Conference Ticket, and member spotlight in our weekly 411

When you redeem 20 referral points, you’ll receive both a free Annual Membership and a free NatCon ticket, as well as a member spotlight in our weekly 411!

Prizes and points necessary are subject to change without notice. Awards are based on the prizes / points at the time of redemption.

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