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Frequently asked questions

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Membership FAQs

How do I update my email or membership information?

Your email address has to be updated by us, so simply email [email protected] with your current and new emails and we'll handle it for you!

To update your membership profile or payment information, log in to your membership profile to make those changes!

Can I change from a monthly to annual membership (or vice versa)?

You bet! Email [email protected] to update your membership.

Do you offer group member rates?

Yes, we do offer corporate / group membership rates! Check out our group memberships page!

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Can my company pay for my membership? How do I persuade my boss?

Your membership is invaluable to your company. Why? Because of the major network you’ll be tapped into for day-to-day help with digital mastery.

Use this letter to persuade your bossperson and then check out our group rates to bring your entire team along!

My company offered to pay for my membership. Can I switch my account to their card?

Woo hoo! Congratulations! - we're so glad to hear your company is investing in your professional development. Update your membership profile and contact us at [email protected] if you need to transfer to a different membership type (ex: monthly to annual).

Can you send me a receipt for my membership payment so I can get reimbursed at work?

Certainly! Email [email protected] with the email your membership is under and we'll be happy to send you a receipt.

I'm a member in one city but I'm moving to another city. Can I switch chapter cities?

Of course you can! Update your membership profile and shoot us an email at [email protected] to ensure you're on the correct mailing list.

I never received my member kit.

Oh no! We’re so sorry – please ensure your address is correct in your membership profile and then email [email protected] to get it sorted. 🙂

Can I cancel my membership?

Awww, we’re so bummed to see you go! Email [email protected] with why you’re leaving us.

Please note: annual memberships, because they are discounted, are not refundable.

Slack FAQs

I never got my Slack invite?

First, check your spam. Then make sure your email address is correct in your membership profile and email [email protected] to get your invite resent!

Can I change my Slack email?

Certainly! We request that you use the same email for your membership profile as your Slack account for tracking an accuracy purposes.

I'm new to / overwhelmed by Slack. Where do I begin?

Check out our Slack online community page!

Meetups FAQs

Can I attend even if I'm not a member?

We're so excited you want to attend our events! Most of our meetups are members-only events, but we do have a few open and members +1 events throughout the year.

Check your city page or reach out to your local chapter or [email protected] with your local chapter to learn more about upcoming events!

Can I bring my team to the open meetup?

Absolutely. All women in digital are welcome to attend, but please note that men are typically not allowed, with the exception of a few gender-bridging events. Our events are exclusive to women and those who identify as women.

Peer Circles FAQs

How do I join a Peer Circle?

We have two types of Peer Circles: virtual and in-person.

We highly recommend both, but Virtual Peer Circles are easier to join and instantaneous. It depends on you and your capacity or commitment. To join a virtual Peer Circle find our scheduled calls here. These calls are moderated by our Founder or by a volunteer member. 

To join a Peer Circle in your city fill out this form. You will then be matched to a Peer Circle by a volunteer board member in your chapter. If you have and haven't heard back yet, contact [email protected] and we'll find out what's up.

How do you pick Peer Circles?

We typically group women in similar locations first (for ease of meeting) and then by seniority / career level or availability. We also make sure to never place two women who work for the same company in one circle; that way you have a safe and confidential environment to talk about professional issues.

Depending on your location, we may put you in a circle with women who have more or less experience than you. We think this is actually a good thing because there is so much to learn from women who have a different experience level than you.

My Peer Circle has trouble meeting or is just not the right fit. Can I be switched to a different one?

Certainly we can move you to a new circle! Fill out this confidential form and we’ll get you moved.

Can you schedule Peer Circles for us?

Since we don’t know your schedules, it is best for you to plan all peer circles on your own. Doodle is great to help figure out when everyone can meet, and Google HangoutsZoom / Slack are great options if you aren’t able to meet in person.

Cities FAQs

When will you be starting a chapter in my city?

We’re expanding all over the U.S. and are so excited you’d like to see us in your neck of the woods. Check out our City Guide for more information on what you need to start this process!

I'd love to be on my city's board. Is there room?

Check your city page to see what positions are open, but don't hesitate to apply for an existing position! We can always use extra hands in the form of volunteers and subcommittees!

How much time does it take to be a board member?

Check out our board application page for more info about board member commitments!

National Conference FAQs

Do you still need speakers for the National Conference?

We’re always interested in hearing from potential speakers! Fill out our speaker interest form.

Do you need volunteers for the National Conference?

Almost certainly! Please fill out this NatCon volunteer form (coming soon!) and we'll get in touch about 1-3 weeks before the conference.

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