In a Digital Age, the Human Connection Wins

Our world is becoming more and more digital, but something powerful happens when you get a room full of women together to talk about an industry that so many of us use, but so few of us are represented. Being a part of this group is like getting invited to the Country Club for a round of golf with some very influential people to hear what’s of the utmost importance and who’s who in our industry, all while taking some practice swings. But, I’ve never been invited because I’m not a young white guy.

And while we’re not making deals and promising promotions on the back nine in this group—we are sitting down to a table of strangers that are not just women in digital but women with the potential to inspire, educate, and empower us. The experience of us coming together to ask, give, and share is always immensely rewarding and something of an emotional oasis. (Not to mention, I look terrible in golf pants anyways.) You never know what you’ll learn and whom you’ll meet.

I am a digital-obsessed creative director and mom of two who believes in the wisdom and influence women can bring to our industry, if we were only invited.

Well, consider this your invitation. Join our group to be inspired and inspire others.

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