Formerly known as Women in Digital.

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Connect our members through engaging and educational events. Enable them with confidence and tools to exchange their power. Become a critical component of women's success in your city.

Your Mission

Host Monthly Meetups

Curate Speakers

Orient New Members

Produce Local Content

Find Local Sponsors

Expand Your Community

Include and Diversify

Create Real Change

We know we are asking you to believe in something you have yet to experience, see, or fully realize. But trust us! When you reach that critical 150-member mark, your chapter will become an integral facet of your city’s professional landscape, providing immeasurable value to you and your members.

Board onboarding webinar

Watch this webinar from our founder to learn more about boards and board positions.

Board Positions

Every board role you see is critical to each chapter’s success. By blending each person’s unique talents, you’ll create a powerful force for professional women in digital in your city.

Alongside these roles, we also encourage chapters to form subcommittees and bring on other one-off volunteers as needed to make your chapter a success.

Apply for a board position here.

City Champion

Building a chapter is not easy and keeping your board and members enthusiastic, fired up and ready to change themselves, their city, and the world takes a certain fire and drive.

A City Champion must live and breathe the TogetherDigital brand and mission every day. Her ultimate goal is to grow her chapter by leading her board and its members - and by extension, her city - to greatness. She wants to see real change and leads by example.


  • Acts as the representative of the board within the local community
  • Develops agendas for meetings with the Vice President and Secretary / Treasurer.
  • Provides support to board members and subcommittees in all efforts.
  • Emcees meetups and special events.
  • Ensures that board matters are handled properly internally and with HQ.
  • Participates in strategic planning with other City Champions and HQ.

Expected time commitment: 15-20 hours per month.

Vice President

The City Champion's right hand woman and her calm in the storm. You must be a one-two power-packed punch of enthusiasm, motivation, and momentum for your city.


  • Fills in for the City Champion when she cannot attend events and assists with other leadership duties as needed
  • Responsible for screening, recruiting, extending offers to, and onboarding new board members.
  • Leads board meetings.
  • Holds the board accountable to meeting their goals.
  • Participates in strategic planning with HQ.

Expected time commitment: 15-20 hours per month

Secretary / Treasurer

She’s organized and we love her for it, ensuring that action items are checked off and progress on to-do lists is being made.


  • Communicates updates and news from HQ to board members
  • Holds the board accountable to meeting deadlines and objectives they’ve committed to during board meetings
  • Manages monthly meetings - coordinates logistics, collects board member updates, keeps meetings on track and on time, tracks attendance, provides agenda
  • Meets with the City Champion and Vice President to discuss agenda and objectives prior to board meetings.
  • Manages chapter Gmail account in coordination with the Community Management Chair and Membership Chair.
  • Manages the chapter budget.

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Community Management Chair

She’s a natural on social media and practically lives online. We can’t live without her sway and swagger.


  • Manages the city Facebook group
    • Builds a community of members and potential members
    • Manages admins and moderators of city Facebook group
  • Manages the city Slack channel
    • Engages members and promote discussion
  • Promotes monthly meetups and other events of interest to membership
  • Source content from HQ messages and share other articles or relevant content to our audience to promote engagement
  • Create social campaigns, encouraging IG, FB, Twitter, or Snapchat content creation at meetups
  • When relevant, do an IG takeover of the HQ IG
  • Send pre- and post-event emails, blog posts, or social media posts (or source that content from another member)
  • Upload event photography to Google Photos
  • Provide the board with reporting about engagement on Slack and Facebook
  • Manages chapter Gmail account in coordination with the Secretary + Treasurer and Membership Chair

Expected time commitment: 10-15 hours per month

Membership Chair

She thrives on creating an amazing member experience and orientation, and enjoys getting to know as many members as possible to connect the dots in as many ways as possible.


  • Send intro email to new members within 48 hours of signing up.
  • Makes an effort to meet and know as many members as possible to facilitate the sharing of information between members, and to scout potential board and subcommittee volunteers.
  • Checks-in and greets event attendees via Eventbrite.
  • Curates featured member spotlight stories for HQ to feature nationally.
  • Fosters member retention by reaching out to members who aren’t renewing their membership
  • Surveys members on an annual basis asking for feedback
  • Reports member feedback to the board and proposes ideas for continuously increasing value
  • Works with the Diversity + Inclusivity Chair to ensure we are encouraging and promoting diversity among members and in our recruitment efforts
  • Manages chapter Gmail account in coordination with the Secretary / Treasurer and Community Management Chair

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Peer Circle Chair

She loves matching small groups of people together to form lifelong sisterhoods, and she understands the power of Peer Circles because she's experience this first-hand.


  • Must regularly participate in virtual or in-person Peer Circles (nationally or within your chapter).
  • Assign and fill Peer Circles per member requests, being cognizant of location, years of experience, preferred meeting times, etc.
  • Reassigns members to new Peer Circles within 7-10 business days of member request.
  • Reaches out to Peer Circles by holding biannual info sessions and activities, conducting an annual survey, and proposing ideas to ensure they are making the most of their Peer Circle experience
  • Reports member feedback to the board and proposes ideas for increasing value

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Diversity & Inclusion Chair

She has a passion for the differences we each bring to the table, and to cultivate a space where we can be as vulnerable as possible, bringing our whole selves to the table.


  • Encourage diversity representation and inclusion among our members including different cultural backgrounds, years of professional career experience, job title, employed-by company.
  • Speak up to outline policies, processes, or other actions of the board or members that may limit inclusion or feel unsafe to some members.
  • Works with membership chair to recruit diverse members.
  • Works with Event Chair and Speaker Chair to ensure events and programming is inclusive and diverse.

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Event Chair

A hostess with the mostest, she loves putting the details together to throw a fab event everyone is talking about the next day.


  • Determines what the budget will be for each event with Sponsorship Chair and Secretary / Treasurer.
  • Evaluates and secures venues for monthly meetups and other events.
  • Works closely with Speaker Chair to determine what amenities will be needed (i.e. A/V capabilities).
  • Creates Eventbrites based on content from Speaker Chair and materials from sponsor and/or venue partner.
  • Orders food and beverages and coordinates getting them to the venue.
  • Coordinates board members and volunteers assisting during the event - setup, teardown, etc.
  • Manages the event flow to keep agenda on track and on time.

Expected time commitment: 10-12 hours per month

Speaker Chair

A natural networker, connected and knows who the most influential, inspiring, or courageous women in digital are in her city. Or she has a strong desire to know them.


  • Researches, evaluates, and connects with local influential leaders in different industries, professions and experience levels to determine if they’re a fit to speak at events.
  • Works closely with Event Chair, Sponsorship Chair, and Community Management Chair to ensure event planning, promotions and execution run smoothly.
  • Communicates all event details, expectations, and logistics to speakers, and to Event Chair (i.e. AV equipment, presentation, etc.).
  • Collects bios and headshots for Eventbrite; work closely with Community Manager to promote on Slack and Facebook.
  • Arms speakers and their organizations with marketing materials to cross-promote events.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for speakers on and before the day of events.
  • Manages speaker follow-up, thank you notes, and gifts.
  • Works with Diversity + Inclusivity Chair to ensure a diverse roster of speakers.

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Sponsorship Chair

Outgoing, passionate, and a great salesperson, she should have no fear in selling the amazing benefits of a partnership with our organization...and the contacts to reach out to would be great, too.


  • Researches and connects with local businesses to establish relationships and secure sponsorships.
  • Create a strategy, in partnership with the board, to reach the sponsorship goal(s).
  • Work with Event Chair to ensure sponsors receive all contracted amenities and recognition.
  • Compiles a proof of performance package post event that includes media promotion on which their logo appeared and other relevant sponsorship.

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Advisory Board Member

Perfect for executives (and others!) who want to be part of the strategic planning of our organization and future of professional women in her city, but can't dedicate themselves to specific board positions.


  • Attends at least 3 meetups per year, and 1 board meeting per quarter.
  • Contributes at least one or more of the following on an annual basis:
    • Sponsorship dollars (either from your company or through a referral)
    • Speak at an event (or refer another speaker)
  • Promotes our organization through leadership in the digital community.
  • Provides advice on all board affairs (membership growth, operations, securing sponsorships, marketing, etc).
  • Support chair-holding members with their quarterly goals and objectives.

Expected time commitment: 1-5 hours per month

Clear and immediate ROI on membership.

The power of our network grows by the day as members trade their Asks & Gives, a pledge to trade their digital expertise and know-how, professional development insights and friendship.

After just a few months of membership, our members report that they feel more confident and more equipped to elevate their career at a faster pace. Find out more about membership.


TogetherDigital events are a major differentiator between our organization and other professional organizations. Our members consistently leave with an unmatched enthusiasm and energy; a sisterhood they’ve never felt before.

It’s paramount your events:

  • Follow our format, including our structured Asks & Gives process.
  • Are consistently AWESOME and beneficial to your members
  • Above all, are powerful in moving our members to exchanging their Asks & Gives in a safe zone.

Our events include monthly meetups, special events, and our National Conference.

Monthly Meetups

Meetup Agenda

Our 2-hour meetup format might sound long, but flies by in the blink of an eye. A typical meetup looks like this:

30 min: Check-in, mix & mingle

15 min: News, updates, and Q&A with the Board

30 min: Guest Speaker / Panel

45 min: Asks & Gives Exchange

Meetup Themes

2019 themes are: 

January – 2019 Digital Trends
February – Go Team!
March – He for She (open to men)
April – Your Presence 
May – Ladder Up
June – The Balance
July – Peer Power
August – Know Your Value
September – National Conference (no meetup)
October – Conference Recap
November – Side Hustle
December – Holiday Party and Fundraiser

Meetup Venues
Your board / Event Chair should have a pulse on your city's hot spots, new locales, co-working spaces, and female-owned venues.
Should an agency or corporation want to host you, use your judgment - we trust you.
Above all, make sure your spaces are hospitable and inviting to all members from all walks of life, at all ages and stages.
Meetup Rules

We publish a Meetup Guideline for all meetups as well as a facilitator's guide and meetup presentation for each event. To receive those, contact HQ.

Group Activities or Happy Hours

Off-Format Fun

Some chapters love setting up their own off-the-grid experiences, such as book clubs, happy hours, yoga, etc.

Want advice or creative ideas on this? Reach out on Slack to other chapters and HQ.

Special Events & Mini-Conferences

Special Events

From SXSW rallies to kick-off meetups in new chapter cities to charitable events, special events are the way to becoming an integral part of your city's professional scene.


This spring/summer event in your city can counter our National Conference in the fall. Our half-day format is absolutely amazing and well worth the time and effort you and your board will put into finding sponsors, suggesting a venue and scouting speakers.

If you’re up for the challenge, contact HQ and we’ll set up a conference call to plot and plan. 

National Conference

National Conference

Our pillar event of the year is a national conference held every fall in Columbus, Ohio – our HQ city. The national conference features main stage speakers, and Ask & Give Power Hours with dedicated specialty focuses.

While you’re not required at all to attend, we hope you do. Every board member received 50% off of her conference pass (the greater the savings the earlier you purchase)!


You’re all marketers and we know you’re just dying to get out there and publish content on our behalf. But, brand standards and message control are of enormous importance to us. 

For the time being, we ask that your Community Management Chair use our pre-approved social content. If you have a brilliant content or marketing idea – bring it! Please contact HQ and we’ll do the best we can to bring that idea to life.

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