Ask & Give Pledge

By joining TogetherDigital, you pledge yourself to yourself - yes you! - and to your fellow members.

Ask & Give Pledge

In one year’s time, I pledge to make 12 Asks and to extend 12 Gives of or to another member.
Over the next year I will track my Asks & Gives in the journal I receive in my welcome kit. Whatever I’m dreaming of, whatever is holding me back – it will all be written on these pages.
My goals will become asks as I pledge to seek truth in the sisterhood and support I will receive from my fellow members. In this I will discover the most valuable treasure of all – myself, my true self and all of my power will be fully realized.
I will also give as much as I receive, and I promise, that above all else I will have her back and she has mine.

Have power. Will share.

Real Results

I had posted on the #asks channel last week about putting together a project scope for attending a trade show with a client. As a result, I put together a comprehensive pre-, during, and post-event plan with my price attached to it. They agreed to the entire scope today!

- Cathy S (Cleveland)

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