When I was a freshman in college, I decided to take a trip to India by myself to report on volunteer projects in rural India. I learned more about myself in this 6-week trip than I ever have in any class or work experience.

During my time in the small southern town Begur, I observed a couple of Self-Help Group (SHG) meetings specifically for women, in which they taught each other new skills in an effort to become more independent. These women were confident and had strong opinions, and it was exciting to observe the support they had for each other and their community. Observing and communicating with these women showed me that collaboration could break through even the toughest barriers.

I was born and raised on a different continent and have worked with many different cultures. I have learned from every place I visited and every person I met along the way.  Because digital capacities help us connect with other women locally and around the world, I am more than thrilled to start by connecting with other digital women in the Fort Worth area.

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